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Chimney Sweep, Air Duct Cleaning & Roofing Services By Chimney Star Round Rock TX

Chimney Star is a local family owned home service company, Proudly serving Round Rock And The surrounding Area With Professional Chimney sweep or Repair, Duct Cleaning and Roof Replacement services in round rock TX



462+ Total Reviews

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Our Chimney technicians are fully insured for your protection and peace of mind. This includes general liability coverage and Chimney Certification.

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Chimney Star has served Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas since 2008. With years of experience, we proudly offer reliable repair services in Austin and the surrounding areas.

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We're proud to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our Chimney Repair services. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our work, give us a call and we'll make things right.

Chimney Repair & Fireplace Services

Round Rock Texas chimneys are exposed to extreme weather, wildlife, corrosion, bad construction and aging, With the recent storms we had in the Round Rock area Chimneys become an essential part of any home in Round Rock, providing a safe and reliable way to of Heat.
But like any other part of your home, your chimney needs periodic maintenance and repairs to keep it working properly.

From resolving chimney masonry repairs to chimney liner installation or a complete chimney and fireplace rebuild , we’ve got you covered! Our inspections are thorough, and our solutions are tailored to your needs.



Chimney & Fireplace Inspection Services

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Many things can go wrong with chimneys. – Usually, you’ll notice something wrong when your chimney stops venting properly,

Level 1 Chimney Inspection A Level 1 inspection is the most common type of chimney inspection. It involves a visual examination of accessible portions of the chimney structure, including the Firebox, Damper, flue, Flashing, chimney crown, and chimney cap.

we will check for any signs of damage, water leaks, or blockages to ensure your Safety while using the chimney.

This inspection is recommended annually for regular maintenance when no significant changes or issues are suspected.

Level 2 Chimney Inspection –  A Level 2 inspection is a more comprehensive examination, typically recommended before buying or selling a house, or after a modification to the fireplace or Chimney.

it includes all the elements of a Level 1 inspection but also involves additional scrutiny.

In a Level 2 inspection, a video camera & specialized Chimney inspection tools will be used to inspect concealed areas of the chimney, such as the flue liner and interior walls, to detect any structural damage or hazards.

Once the inspection is completed, you’ll receive a detailed report of your chimney safety & Efficiency.

Fireplace Austin
Wood Fireplace
Wood Burning Chimney Sweep

Fireplace Sweeping & cleaning

Why should I clean my chimney?

Safety – A dirty chimney can cause fires, which may lead to devastating structural damage or worse!

Health – An old chimney liners can also cause carbon monoxide buildup that can cause illness or even death.

Efficiency – Whenever you use your fireplace, deposits of soot or creosote buildup along the walls. Creosote buildup is highly combustible and dampens the chimney’s Just a ½ inch of buildup can restrict airflow in the chimney from 17% to 30% That can have a big impact on the fire’s ability to burn efficiently,

Having your chimney cleaned at least once a year can keep your fireplace running efficiently.

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Dryer vent Cleaning & Repair in round rock TX

Clogged Dryer vent failure is a common problem in Round rock TX . The warm, humid climate can cause lint and other debris to build up in your dryer vent,Another common problem is blocked vents. If your vent is blocked, it can cause your dryer to overheat and catch fire.

Common dryer vent repairs

There are a few common dryer vent repairs that are common in Austin Texas.

1) Clogged dryer vent Screen. The screen helps prevent animals and debris from getting into the vent. If the screen is damaged or too small it will clog your dryer vent
Solution – Replacing the screen with a Dryer vent Approved screen

2) Dryer Vent has more than one internal turn – This issue is very common around Round Rock and Pflugerville and some parts of Georgetown, where builders tried to build houses as fast as possible without considering the long-term effects of the dryer vent construction.
Solution – Dryer Vent Rerouting, After inspecting the attic and the house we will recommend the most efficient dryer vent route to prevent complications and possible fire hazards

3) Birds Nest inside the dryer vent – it’s very common around the Austin area and older houses to have birds or Insects build a nest inside of the vent since builders did not install dryer vent covers back in the day to prevent animals from nesting inside the dryer duct.

Solution – we will carefully remove the nest and clean the vent of Debris.
Professionally clean the entire dryer vent duct and install a new dryer vent cover to prevent future clogging.


Click to learn more  more about our Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Round Rock.

Dryer Vent cleaning Austin

Air Duct Cleaning & Repair in round rock TX


All-round Air Duct Cleaning Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of air duct services. Whether it’s a detailed inspection, precise sealing, or a deep clean, we ensure your air ducts are at their best shape.

Advanced Services & Repair

From professional duct sealing to complete installation, we’ve got you. We also offer commercial duct cleaning, mold remediation, duct restoration, and even install UV lights and electrostatic filters for better air quality and system efficiency.

>> Learn more about our Air Duct Cleaning Services in Round Rock.

air duct cleaning round rock