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"Wow, that virtual chimney thing was a life-saver. they were able to identify big amount of flammable creosote in my chimney – yikes! Imagine if I missed that. This tool saved my family from a potential fire."
Amy McAllen
Austin TX
"can't express how grateful I am for the online virtual chimney inspection tool. I've always worried about the condition of my chimney, wether its safe to use or not, but this tool not only saved me a hefty repair bill but also saved my family from the potential nightmare of a chimney fire."
Steve Mcnally
Round Rock TX
"I had issues with smoke coming back into the house, I was able to understand the source of the problem and received an estimate the same day, Fixing it wasn’t hard or expensive"
Bianca Smith
George Town TX

Step 1

Take Photos

1.Chimney exterior

virtual Chimney Inspection Austin Virtual Chimney Inspection

Take photos that include the entire chimney, Top to Bottom & close up photo of the condition of the chimney exterior (Brick or Siding).



Take a photo that includes the entire fireplace area. Then take a photo of the Firebox (inside walls of fireplace burning area)

3. other photos

virtual inspection flue Virtual Chimney Inspection

If possible take a photo up the Chimney Flue from inside the Firebox. Feel free to add additional photos of areas that requires attention.

Step 2

Fill up the form

Get help in Less then 60 seconds

*Please allow 1-2 minutes after submitting the form for the photos to be uploaded.

Step 3

submit For review

we will review your chimney and prepare your virtual assessment / Estimate within 24-48 Hours

*A virtual chimney Inspection does not equal or replace an in-person Inspection. 

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